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Champagne Copper Bottle

₹ 795.00   ₹ 1610.00

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Copper Bottle (Diamond)

₹ 600.00   ₹ 1220.00

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Copper Bottle(Hammered)

₹ 630.00   ₹ 1280.00

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Human being have different immune system and each individual have different resistance towards external environment and different type of ailments.

A person with good body resistance does gets attacked easily by various health issues. Person with good health can contribute to work more efficiently and have more creativity for quality thinking & strategic planning.

One should drink lot of water every day to maintain good health and shall also ensure bacteria free pure water. If water is stored for more than 12 hrs in copper bottle/ copper vessel; then it gets positively charged, while this water is taken ; then it gives good level of strength to our digestive system and overall body.

Copper water bottle & copper tank / matka are getting very popular now a days as people are getting more health conscious.

Copper bottles are available online which helps people to know copper bottle price instantaneously. Copper bottles online are available in different looks & shapes like straight , hammered, luxury, embossed, diamond look, champagne bottle shape etc.

Choozee Copper bottles are water leak proof. Some copper bottle are also coming with glass at the top of bottle screwed like bottle cap.

Printed copper bottle or Copper Bottle with Meena coating are also trend setting.

Copper bottle are getting popular in schools rapidly because of health benefits. So, Copper bottle manufacturers have launched some specialized models of bottle with sipper on the top cap.

Choozee Copper bottles are available in different capacities like 500ml , 700ml, 900ml, 1 Ltr etc.

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